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We envisioned making small things big as three diverse small-time businessmen collaborated to make a vision happen in the town of Tullahoma. For the love of BBQ and steaks, Najah and James dreamed of a place where families could enjoy great food and comfortable service and to turn Whiskey Trail BBQ and Steakhouse into a reality.

Najah and James invited Kendall, owner of Route 55 BBQ, to work together and came up with the idea of improving the business.



The restaurant is situated on Highway 55 on the way to Lynchburg, where the famous Jack Daniel's distillery is located. On the other hand, 5 miles away from the restaurant, one of the oldest distilleries in Tennessee is where George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey is located. With both big iconic distilleries on the west and on the east, we are very proud to name the restaurant Whiskey Trail BBQ and Steakhouse. Our hearts are very eager to serve the finest food for our Tullahoma family.

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